5 Action Steps to Manage Your Cyber Risk: A Non-Technical Executive’s Guide

We’ve prepared an exclusive report that explains, in non-techie terms, the risks you face from cyber attacks - and most importantly, the costs. You will learn how to:

  • Lower your probability of a direct attack
  • Estimate what an attack could cost you
  • Budget for the cost of a cyber attack
  • Know your vulnerabilities
  • Be prepared to respond immediately to a cyber attack

Your balance sheet is under attack - the risks are real - so are the consequences. Download this free report to understand the 5 action steps you can take to manage your cyber risk

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As a Middle Market Company, Your Balance Sheet is Under Attack!

Cyber-attacks are already being launched against your company. There are 80 billion malicious scans being run by hackers every day. You may not even know they are occurring. But, an inspection of your server logs, social media posts, phishing emails, and server up-time and latency logs may surprise the hell out of you. Cyber-crime is real and it’s not just an “IT Department” problem. There are one-million new malware scripts being created per day.

Enterprise-level companies spend on average $11 million per year on security. A $200 million Middle Market Company ($30-$300 million/year revenue) can’t afford to spend at those levels. The result? It takes companies – on average – 191 days to identify data breaches.

If you, as a C-Level executive, have to decide how to respond once you’ve been attacked, it’s already too late. You must be prepared BEFOREHAND! How you handle an attack could decide whether your business is even around next year. Understand this: There are only two kinds of companies: Those that have suffered a cyber-attack – and those that don’t know they have.

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