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Just a single cyberattack can cripple your business. Even with active network and cybersecurity measures in place, your organization remains vulnerable. What most organizations don’t understand is that 70% of all breaches are caused by employees or contractors who inadvertently become victims of cybercriminals.

A severe, but not catastrophic, cyberattack will disable your company for weeks or even months. During that time, gross revenue will take a critical hit. And, if the attack involves a data breach affecting an organization’s sensitive client and/or employee records, costs will skyrocket as your company will deal with multiple recovery elements, including:

  • Business Interruption
  • Technical Services and Expertise
  • Crisis Management
  • Fines and Legal Costs

These efforts can result in millions of dollars in damages. In the event of a more substantial breach, costs will multiply incrementally.

Gain a better understanding of your situation with a FREE Total Cost of a Cyberattack Assessment from Cyber Armada Insurance. One of our Cyber Advisors will meet with you directly, via online conferencing to:

  • Discuss your unique business needs
  • Assess your risk levels
  • Estimate your total costs
  • Outline steps to financially survive a cyberattack

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